Actel’s SmartFusion FPGA Wins VDC Research’s Embeddy Award at ESC Boston 2010

Actel Company (NASDAQ: ACTL) is proud to announce that SmartFusion FPGAs have got won the Embeddy Award for Ideal in Show, Hardware, in Embedded Systems Meeting (ESC) Boston 2010. The award was shown to Actel on September 21, 2010 at the meeting by VDC Analysis (VDC). Today in its sixth season of the award plan, VDC awards the Embeddy to the program and hardware businesses whose products provide most compelling possibilities for embedded program engineers to meet up the problems of complexity, efficiency, quality, and schedule administration. VDC also awarded a software program award at the present. Richard Dean, program supervisor, embedded equipment practice at VDC Analysis said that Actel is rolling out something exclusive with SmartFusion. He further added that year’s announcement and instant availability of the brand new SmartFusion system integrating a difficult Cortex-M3, programmable analog, and a flash FPGA is certainly an excellent response to embedded designer’s dependence on more functionality and versatility. Rich Kapusta, vice president of advertising and business advancement said that award recognizes Actel’s dedication to invention for today’s embedded designers. Further, he added that designers would will have the independence to push their styles beyond traditional boundaries. About SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed Transmission FPGAs SmartFusion may be the industry’s first smart blended signalFPGA and the just gadget that integrates an FPGA, a difficult ARM Cortex-M3-structured microcontroller subsystem (MSS) and programmable analog, offering complete customization, IP security and ease-of-use. Predicated on Actel’s flash technology, SmartFusion devices are designed for equipment and embedded designers who want a genuine system-on-chip (SoC) remedy with more versatility than traditional fixed-function microcontrollers and without the price of soft processor chip cores on traditional FPGAs. For the commercial, medical, energy, communications and army marketplaces in diverse applications, including program management, power management, engine control, commercial networking and screen,SmartFusion proves to become a forward thinking solution. About VDC Study VDC Study Group (VDC) is definitely a technology general market trends and strategy consulting company that advises customers in several technology marketplaces including: Automatic Identification and Deal Automation, Embedded Equipment and Systems, Embedded Software program and Equipment, Industrial Automation and Control and Mobile phone and Cellular. Using rigorous primary study and analysis methods, the company helps its customers identify, arrange for, and capitalize on current and emerging marketplace opportunities.

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