CRI-Research Report on China’s Condom Industry 2011-2012

– With the popularization of principles and understanding of reproductive health and also the improvement of people’s living regular, the condom use rate displays the constant increasing trend. In conjunction with its unique results on the avoidance against venereal illnesses and AIDS, condom expands itself from one contraception to various features including contraception, avoidance against venereal illnesses and AIDS in addition to improvement of sexual lifestyle quality.

Before 2002, condoms participate in the scope of Chinese sanitary product management. The relatively strict management by the federal government led to low result and limited market level. Since 2002, the Chinese federal government provides released the control and management of the condom industry, making China’s condom industry develop quickly. In 1995, the annual result of China’s condoms was only one 1 billion and that this year 2010 was over 9 billion. By the finish of 2010, the annual production capacity for China’s condoms had currently beyond 10 billion. Furthermore to conference the domestic demand, the condoms manufactured in China are exported to South Africa, Singapore, Russia and various other countries in huge volumes.

The condom industry is a comparatively special industry in China and its own market can be split into two parts. The initial part is government procurement. The Chinese government buys about 2 billion condoms free of charge distribution each year, which are useful for family planning and avoidance against venereal illnesses. This portion of the market is bought by the governments at all amounts from specified enterprises. There have been 15 specified enterprises in China this year 2010. Even though condoms bought by the Chinese federal government are in huge volumes, their average device price is quite low with just CNY 0.15-0.50 per piece.

The marketplace outside government procurement belongs to commercial condom market. This section of marketplace suffers fiercer competition. There can be found numerous condom brand enterprises in China. Its amount reaches over 200. Many of these enterprises do not generate condoms plus they sell the condoms after packing through domestic purchase or procurement of imported condoms in bulk. The retail price of condoms marketed in Chinese industrial condom market this year 2010 was CNY 0.50-20 per piece. This year 2010, the marketplace reached the level of over CNY 5 billion with higher profit percentage, which was the spot of competition among enterprises.

Condom produce belongs to a labor-intensive industry. Weighed against the created countries, China has fairly low labor costs and items with obvious price advantages. Weighed against various other developing countries, China’s condom manufacturers have apparent advantages with regards to manufacturing technology and prices. As a result, the export worth of condoms by China each year gets to tens of huge amount of money. The condoms are generally exported to South Africa, Russia and various other countries, plus some of the condoms are ordered and distributed to the countries having tasks by the World Wellness Organization and US Population Fund.

Since some Chinese people consider that the grade of the imported condoms is more advanced than that of the domestic items. As a result, China imports condoms in huge volumes every year, generally from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and other countries.

Since 1980, premarital sex and business sex have presented the rapid development trend, which escalates the demand for condoms. Even though Chinese federal government cracks down the industrial sex, the Chinese federal government has begun to need that nightclubs, resorts and other public areas create condom distribution machines to lessen the transmission of Helps and other venereal illnesses in the case they are not really removed. With the rise of intake degree of Chinese people, the amount of married females at reproductive age who’ve given up contraceptive medications and intrauterine gadgets but selected condoms as contraceptive measure will continue raising.

Coupled with various factors, it really is predicted that the demand designed for condoms in China is going to continue increasing within the next few years.


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