History of Google Android App Development Industry

Android mobile operating-system earns large popularity in short period, firstly its beta version premiered in November 2007. The name of the ANDROID OS operating-system shows it’s something of Google and open supply for the expert programmers and open source capacity make it easy to use.

When Google would announced an open supply platform for handheld devices as Google android had a whole lot of targets from that and originally many outsource cellular app programmers jumped towards the this system app development system. But after couple of months of releasing Google understood that shortfall of open up source and open system with regards to profit and its own development reunite then.

Gradually Google understood If it will not take any decision after that this platform will be a failure later on. According to this situation it has used many idea to retrieve Android app development sector by starting Google play shop for Google android based Smartphone app marketplace and released extremely advanced OS variations like eclairs, cupcake, donut, Ginger loaf of bread, Honey comb, honeycomb, Ice-cream sandwich and the most recent version of OS Google android jellybean likely to beat the iOS system.

To start to see the success of the platform in cellular field today Google not merely limited with Android system but it addittionally jumped in to the tablet marketplace with nexus series to retrieve the tablet program development niche. At once Google has pressured to break its realm and discharge an iPad mini to defeat its nexus tablet in addition to Google give much tension to Apple over tablet apps like video game app development, business app advancement, hospitality app advancement and other development.

After this circumstance it has produced sectioned Google play for worthless free of charge apps and spamming its advancement practices like designing simple video games through outsourcing Android video games app development businesses. Google also noticed that hardware fragmentation because of its number of items going to start in regular basis. That is a many indicating factor to create this operating-system unpopular nonetheless it was helpless rather than loves to make an open supply platform to close.

With the most recent technological advancement such different supportive APIs, SDK, and other market rules make more appealing for programmers, many iOS and web designers switched on this system to get some good relaxation. Today quality people love the unit and searching top quality apps for the handheld gadgets. New hope wave provides spreads among the its program development community that today they will get top quality project alongside good and regular income.

Today its users are pass on around the globe and an incredible number of its program have got activated in daily basis. Overall the your hands on Android OS is preferable to the iOS, in a nutshell we are able to say that latest craze remains in Android app development then a lot more web developers will switch itself towards the Google android operating system.

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