Learn How to Create Correct C Sharp Benchmarks

I frequently have talks with my co-workers about performance of the or that code snippet. These talks frequently grow up right into a dialogue on what solution functions faster. In this example, it’s easier to create a straightforward benchmark than to possess a long philosophical discuss performance. Unfortunately, many designers don’t know how exactly to run benchmarks properly. And for that reason their test could be absolutely unreliable. This is why I needed to discuss the most crucial things that needs to be regarded as while creating the correct C# benchmark.

Release setting without debugging

Probably the most often errors made while running efficiency checks is operating the application form in Debug mode. Outcomes you enter this way could be totally different and will not be true to information. The matter is definitely that, in Debug build, C# compiler provides a whole lot of IL orders that can influence efficiency. Besides, it’s easier to run the application form without debugging (Ctrl+F5 from Visible Studio and better still from the console). In the event that you run the application form in debug setting (F5 from Visible Studio) then your debug code will spoil the outcomes of your benchmark. You will find a far more detailed description of the issue by Eric Lippert.

Warm-up processor cache

Your test should run on the heated up cache. We have to run the check with no load for a number of times. Some designers run tests without load only one time or twice, nevertheless, you have to run the check for 10-15 times to create cache really heated up. It’s better to warm-up cache till variation of period measurements from check to test are significantly less than some little per cent. Benchmark outcomes on the cool cache can show a lot more time than it’s actually necessary.

Benchmarking about the same processor

You should also understand that we reside in the multiprocessor globe and every processor chip has its cache. To benchmark about the same processor you have to arranged the corresponding ProcessorAffinity-mask:

Procedure.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessorAffinity = new IntPtr(1);

Stopwatch, not DateTime

It’s an excellent practice to measure software work period using Stopwatch. You will get more information concerning this from Eric Lippert or on dotnetperls.

High priority

Remember that there are tens of additional applications operating on your pc. It’s better to turn off the most source consuming apps while operating the test. And it’s really even better to create high concern for the procedure and thread in the application:

Process.GetCurrentProcess().PriorityClass = ;

Thread.CurrentThread.Concern = ThreadPriority.Highest;

Garbage Collection

Remember about the garbage collector that may suddenly work when you do not expect it at all. And if you want to consider collecting garbage of the items from the current check, collecting garbage of the items from the prior test is not needed at all. It’s easier to call GC.Gather() before benchmarking, And it’s really even better to contact it twice to create all root items convert to second era. It will not get worse to hold back till all finalizers (if any) complete their function (GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers() can help).

Owning a target benchmark for a number of times

A single benchmark will get unreliable result by push of circumstances (for instance, due to unpredicted activity of the additional application). This is why to make the check accurate it’s essential to benchmark (after starting to warm up cache) for a number of times and get the average result. It’s also beneficial to consider the variation of ideals for different testing to estimate benchmark dependability.

Number of iterations ought to be a prime number

If the amount of iterations in a routine offers divisors, JIT can apply Loop unwinding-optimization. Outcomes of some methods could be affected. It’s great to set quantity of iteration to a primary number.



I listed some essential moments that you need to remember when making a benchmark. I love benchmarking. But it’s quite tiresome to create reliable benchmarks atlanta divorce attorneys new program from scratch each time. Besides, I would like to get good-looking outcomes, but I don’t wish to mess about formatting each time. This is why I made a straightforward project – BenchmarkDotNet that’s available on GitHub. It could conveniently estimate functionality of the definite code snippets, it’s just essential to describe target strategies. I am hoping the project can help other C# programmers estimate functionality of their code. When you can add something else that needs to be considered when measuring period I will be happy to get draw requests.

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