Part 2: At The Age Of Eleven Dr. Patrick Flanagan Gained The Attention Of The Pentagon

“we ought to All Live To Be At Least 120 Years”

Dr. Patrick Flanagan became a member of in Washington an inventor reasonable and the patent workplace called him “Inventor of the entire year”, but when he requested a pursuing patent on these devices the government delivered him a letter informing him, “Your development|discovery} has been {used} by the military {cleverness}. He assumed it {experienced|got|acquired} something {regarding} national {security|protection|basic safety} and he was {informed} not {speak to} anyone {regarding} it. {{In addition|Furthermore} they} wanted to {understand} if he {experienced|got|acquired} previously talked to {individuals|people}, principally in a {international} land and {recommended|suggested} him if he talks to anyone without their authorization, he will {become|end up being} {billed} with treason and the sentence for treason {is usually|is definitely|can be|is certainly|is normally} death!

{Over} {period} while Dr. Flanagan was consulting for the Pentagon he {caused} Dr. Henri Cuanda, {who was simply} well-known {because the} father of {liquid} dynamics. Dr. Cuanda was an authority on {drinking water} and fluids. {1 day}, he requested me into his {place of work} and declared that {he previously} searched for the {elixir of youth} for 6 {years}. He {thought} that it {actually} did exist, {that} legends have a {basis|base}. {You can find} unique places {on the planet} where {folks are} very {healthful} and live for {incredibly} {extended periods of time}. They don’t have {dental care|oral} caries or {malignancy|tumor|cancers}, or the ailments of civilization. {You can find} five {of the} isolated cultures {on the planet|on earth}, and he had {gone to} {every one of them, trying to {physique|number|shape|body|amount} out what allowed these {populace|human population|inhabitants|people} to exist long, {match|suit}, productive lives, {actually|also} into exceptionally old {age group}, {males|guys} fathering offspring after the {age group} of 100 years.

Dr. Cuanda quoted me, “You are {everything you} drink”. Water {may be the} {the very first thing} you put {within your body}, but not all {drinking water} is equal. {Everywhere} {on the planet}, water has different {considerable|significant} characteristics, {irrespective of where} you {proceed|move}. In the areas like Hunza place, {drinking water} freezes at {a lesser} temperature than {it can} in {the areas} and has {exclusive} flow {features}. In his {research}, he {founded|set up} that {the low} the freezing {stage} of the water {within an} region, the {much longer} the life of {individuals} who live there. {Calcium deposits} and salts {impact} the freezing point.

Dr. Cuanda {stated} that the {drinking water} in Hunza country {included} the mystery of wellbeing and prolonged {presence|living}. He understood {that people} should all live to {become|end up being} at least 120 to 125 {yrs . old} in exceptional {wellness}. We should not {expire} in a dilapidated {condition} with {lack of} mind, {memory space|storage} and bodily functions. {Therefore}, he {offered|provided} me his research on {drinking water}, and he {stated} , “Patrick, some {day time|time} you {will generate} the counterpart {drinking water} of Hunza water {and present} it to the {globe}. He turned 6 {years} of exploration {to} me, and I {started} my {objective} for the {Elixir of youth}. Dr. Cuanda {later on|afterwards} became {the top} of the Academy of Sciences for Romania, and he {passed away} at an {age group} of 100 years.

Water {takes on|has} also a important {element} in using magnetic therapy. {During} therapy with the BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy machine, {it is important} that you drink 4 {cups of} {springtime} or mineral water {each day} {in order that} accumulated damaging {components} are more {very easily|quickly|conveniently} flushed out of {the body}.

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