Proper Care of Laptop Lithium-Ion Batteries

The life span of a lithium-ion battery depends upon the conditions where it is found in a laptop computer computer. For example, the electric battery will incrementally lose its power over 12 to 1 . 5 years if it’s kept completely charged inside the warm confines of the laptop computer. Switching to even more energy conserving laptop settings and and can almost totally die will lengthen the battery’s existence to about several years.

Laptop Settings

The hard drive may be the laptop’s brain and requires the many power. Enhance the hard drive’s effectiveness by frequently defragmenting your personal computer. Reduce the amount of applications you run concurrently. For instance, pick one task rather than checking your e-mail, hearing music and focusing on a spreadsheet all simultaneously. You can get aside with this in the event that you boost your readily accessible memory space (RAM) to decrease the drain on digital memory.

Limit your usage of external common serial bus (USB) products, like a mouse and WiFi. Take away the devices if you are not using them.

Place your laptop computer on hibernate mode rather than standby. This will shut down the computer if it is not in use, nonetheless it will still shoe up with the applications in the condition you were utilizing them.

Every small step extends battery life. Wipe down air flow vents with a fabric so the laptop works cooler. Select “max electric battery” under power choices in your working system’s control panel. Switch off “car save” features on term processors. Be sure that you change it back again as power gets low in order to avoid losing your projects. Change the screen quality to lessen on graphics use.

Battery Care

Clean the electric battery every couple of months. Rubbing the steel contacts with an alcohol-moistened fabric will keep the battery’s power transfer proficient. Make use of a completely charged battery every 2-3 weeks leastwise. Don’t let a lithium-ion electric battery totally drain its power. Unlike old batteries, lithium-ion batteries need not be completely discharged to maintain their performance. Some lithium-ion batteries won’t work if kept power drops below 2.5 volts per cell. They can not be recharged in the home, but a producer can restore the electric battery if the power hasn’t dropped below 1.5 volts.

Give the electric battery an intermittent break and make use of a power cord. Take away the electric battery from the computer if it is at about 40 percent charged and allow it cool-down. Interior laptop temperature ranges can are as long as 113 degrees F, which seriously affects battery lifestyle. Store your electric battery in a interesting place.

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